The Celtics, NBA champions after defeating the Mavericks in game five

The Boston franchise has 18 titles and breaks ties with the Lakers (17) as the most successful in the history of the championship


The Boston Celtics have become NBA champions sixteen years later after defeating the Dallas Mavericks in the fifth game (4-1) of the final, which they dominated from start to finish and in which Jayson Tatum’s duo, with 31 points, and the ‘MVP’ of the Finals, Jaylen Brown, with 21, surpassed the 28 points of his rival Luka Doncic.

In this way, the Boston franchise became the most successful in the history of the league, with 18 titles, the last in 2008 with Paul Pierce as leader of that team, one more than the Los Angeles Lakers, with 17.

The tie returned to the TD Garden after the comfortable victory of the Mavericks in the fourth game, in which they won by 38 points, avoiding the 4-0 of the greens, but in Boston, the Celtics demonstrated their superiority and certified the champions ring , which they had not achieved since 2008.

From the beginning the lead on the scoreboard was held by the locals, who were not behind at any point in the match. They led 13-5 after the first six minutes, and the advantage continued to grow in that first quarter until reaching 28-18 after the first 12 minutes.

In the second quarter, Boston continued to stretch its lead, against the Mavericks who were only holding on thanks to 9 points from Luka Doncic and Josh Green, who went an immaculate 3 out of 3 on triples in the first half.

The perfect culmination of the first half was provided by Payton Pritchard with an impressive triple from midfield that went in cleanly, unleashing madness in the TD Garden, and placing the lead at 67-46 before the break, after the 39 points scored in the second period.

The Mavericks tried to get closer in the third quarter, led by an omnipresent Luka Doncic, with nine points in this period, but the advantage barely fell below 20 points, reaching the last act with an 86-67, which barring a miracle gave them a decisive advantage to the Celtics.

In search of a last attempt, Kyrie Irving picked up Luka Doncic’s baton to try to bring his team closer with two triples, but the advantage remained stable, reaching the last five minutes with the locals 22 up, certifying the title of champions in a few minutes. Finals in which they have been clearly superior to the Texans.

Jaylen Brown was chosen as the best player in the Finals, with an average of 20.8 points, 5.4 rebounds and 5 assists, with very outstanding performances such as the 24 points he scored in the second half of the third game.

The one from the Celtics succeeds Paul Pierce as the last ‘MVP’ of the Finals with the green team in 2008, receiving the Bill Russell award, in recognition of the legendary former Boston player, who names the award and died in 2022 .