The psychologist Rocío Ramos-Paúl (Supernany), on the Obregón case: “Do we know for sure that Ana’s mental health has been evaluated?”

The psychologist expert in early childhood education Rocío Ramos-Paúl (Supernany) has contributed his vision of the interview that Ana Obregon has granted exclusively to Hola about the birth of Ana Lequio. The words of overflowing emotion of the actress, with her granddaughter in her arms, call the attention of the psychologist. It is an overwhelming vital situation, which has caused a seismic movement in Ana.

I have been reborn. I have risen. I died on May 13, 2020 and I was born again on March 20, 2023.” More examples of Obregón’s testimonies in Holawith her daughter Ana Lequio in her arms: “It has given me back the joy of living“. Also: “She is the most desired girl in the world. They have wished for her from earth and from heaven. “More:” she is a miracle “,”I have lived again. I have a reason to live“. In this torrent of emotions, the actress links her happiness to the arrival of the little girl. She already demonstrated it a week ago when she shared on networks: “I will never be alone again.”

The reading of Rocío Ramos-Paúl in The Ana Rosa Program (Telecinco) about this very complex maternity process with adoption included is that “the duel is not fully resolved. There are contents of some of his sentences that do not correspond to a person who has already overcome a death (You can’t get over a death either, you learn to live with it). I still think that the important variable is the age to decide.” Adds the expert: “Do we know for sure that Ana Obregon’s mental health has been evaluated? How is it when it comes to receiving this granddaughter or daughter. This case puts on the table that this is going to happen again. That’s why it has to be regulated.”

“Call effect”

Rocío indicates: “In an adoption process, one thing is guaranteed that we forget, which is the greater good of the minor. That is to say, ‘you have to tell me how you are and what capacity you have to educate and what material issues are going to cover all this’. In addition, it produces a call effect. This case cannot be extrapolated. Let’s regulate, they are minors.”