Ana Obregón has everything thought out: “She will call me Bela, just like Aless called her grandmother”

Ana Obregon is the biological grandmother and adoptive mother of Ana Lequio. The little one she will call her Bela. She has decided so and she so she tells it in the interview with Hola: “She’ll call me the same as Aless called her grandmother, Bela. I’m going to be Bela and as soon as I can remember I’ll tell her. (…) ‘Your dad wanted you and unfortunately he’s not here. He’s in heaven ‘”.

In the magazine, the presenter recounts the long months of waiting for the baby’s birth, how she has prepared herself and that she has “returned the joy of living”. A whole torrent of positive emotions that she links to her granddaughter. “This girl is not my daughter but my granddaughter. When she grows up I will tell her that his father was a hero so he knows who he is and how proud you should be of him,” she tells Hola.

“My Son’s Last Will”

The actress sees her son’s dream come true. “It was Aless’s last will, to bring his son into the world and he told us so a week before he died. It’s called a holographic will. Who can oppose the will of his son?”, Reveals Hola. “I have been reborn. I have risen. I died on May 13, 2020 and I was born again on March 20, 2023.”