1. First minutes for Álex Remiro

The impression under the sticks is that Imanol Alguacil has decided to distribute the prominence of his goalkeepers for complete friendlies. Álex Remiro debuted his second season at Real against Huesca after Zubiaurre was the goalkeeper against Logroñés. The Navarrese received two inevitable goals. Moyá awaits his chance and Rulli does not count because it is for sale.

2. Sagnan focuses the eyes

In the silence of a closed-door friendly, Imanol's scream burst out loud. The recipient was Sagnan. The technician asked him to open up to receive the pass at Remiro's foot. There were more indications for the Frenchman, in the center of the eyes of the technical commission before deciding what to do: whether to give in or not. Against Huesca he came out graceful and sent a header to the crossbar.

3. Zubimendi does not weigh the gallons

By age, it seems early. 21 years contemplate him. By rank, it seems that he has to wait. He has just entered the first team dynamic and his file corresponds to a Sanse player. Nothing that affects Zubimendi, owner and lord of the medulla against Huesca. His pulse did not quiver even remotely to drive, pass, unfold, and physically resist.

4. Barrenetxea changes bands and delights

Perhaps on his own initiative or perhaps under the mandate of Imanol, Ander Barrenetxea left the right wing towards the equator of the second half to embark on the left. It hadn't been out of tune because of its natural side. In the opposite it happened to delight. Exquisite controls, agile combinations and brilliant action: dribble, left-handed snap and two-way.

5. Bautista's header claiming a site

The preseason is the stage that marks the future. That Jon Bautista needs to overcome himself to gain a foothold is not lost on anyone, with Willian José and Isak in command of the artillery. The youth squad's contest will largely depend on whether Imanol decides to have three forwards on the squad. Bautista claimed his place with a good header on goal. The most recommended method.