The presenters of the Goya Awards gala held in Valladolid, Ana Belén and the Javismade this Saturday at the start of the ceremony a plea against sexual violence, assuring the victims that “they are not alone” and that “here in the cinema it is also over.”

From here we want to tell the victims of sexual violence that they are not alone and that their testimony is admirable and very brave. May your courage to report transform these words into actions. Here in the cinema it is also over“, they noted at the beginning of the gala.

In the traditional introduction of the presenters of these awards, the trio leading the gala has focused practically their entire intervention around these cases. “It is urgent that we all demand certainties of equality and that means condemning all abuses and sexual violence“said Ana Belén.

Furthermore, Calvo and Ambrossi have asked “thoroughly review the structures that allow it“. “And this concerns us all, it is important that we understand it, to all of us, to men, to women.“, they have indicated in a highly applauded speech.

This start was preceded by a musical performance shared by the end y David Bisbaleach of them with their particular interpretation of the theme My big nightby Raphael.