He's not a movie star like Sigourney Weaverwhich is in Valladolid this Saturday to collect the International Goya (the same award that Cate Blanchett and Juliette Binoche won these years ago).

However, the President of the Government has been received with cheers of “Pedro, Pedro” upon his arrival on the red carpet (this year fuchsia) of the Valladolid Fair, as if he were another star on the cinematographic scene. The arrival of Pedro Sanchez It has spread like wildfire on X, the old Twitter, being one of the most viral moments of this 38th edition of the Goya Awards.

At the Goya, the boos he has received on other stages have been left behind. The president, a few days ago, starred in another viral moment when giving his opinion on The debt, the song chosen at the Benidorm Fest to represent Spain in Eurovision 2024. “The fachosphere would have liked Cara al sol more,” said the socialist about this song, which has opened a great debate in Spanish society among those who consider that empowers women (as the Nebulossa duo intends) and among those who think the opposite. About the song, this Saturday he said: “Culture is culture” and “I have not danced to it”

Against sexual violence

On the other hand, upon his arrival on the carpet, the president was “against the structural violence that manifests itself in all areas of social activity or economic activity”: “It is just as serious,” he noted. “And since it is serious, I believe that we cannot trivialize the structural violence that gender violence represents nor can we let our guard down.”

His words have come after three women accused director Carlos Vermut. Some accusations that have also marked the beginning of the ceremony, with the allegation of Ana Belén and Los Javis, the presenters.

On this matter, the leader of the Executive has also pointed out: “They said that they wanted a healthy industry because they wanted a healthy society. And I believe that eliminating this structural violence first concerns us men and it is a citizen commitment, it is a civil commitment of each and every one of us and, logically, of the public institutions that we represent, that majority will to end this type of violence.