The plan of the bullfighter Mario Alcalde after declaring himself pansexual: “The idea is to found a bullfighting club in Chueca”

Bullfighter Mario Alcalde has become news after declaring himself pansexual (those who are attracted, either physically or emotionally, to all genders). The right-hander, who to date had not stood out in the industry, has acknowledged that he wants to open a bullfighting club in Chueca, a reference area of ​​Madrid for the LGTBIQ + group.

“The idea now is to found a bullfighting club in Chueca,” he said. Likewise, the Mayor has assured that his coming out has awakened the interest of the LGTBIQ + group in the bullfighting sector. “I am receiving messages from many LGTBIQ+ people who want to go to the bullfights. It is a very important step because perhaps they did not go because of the prejudices that could exist in the bullrings. But it seems that not. So I am delighted to found a club and all the clubs that are needed”, he reported in the newspaper The world.

Regarding his coming out of the closet, the right-hander has assured that it was not a premeditated step, but that he is happy to contribute to society through progress. “Yes, it was a step forward without thinking about it, but I am glad that it was a positive step, for the party and for society, which is what is important. I face it in the most natural way because it is what I am. Each one “Take it the way you want. The important thing is to be happy,” he said.

Without forgetting his professional challenges, Mario Alcalde has assured that he dreams of a big door in Las Ventas. “As a great coach that we all know says, game by game,” he clarified. With perseverance as the driving force in his work, the bullfighter has confessed that he continued with his training since the beginning of January.

The right-hander, who already promises to be a benchmark in the bullfighting industry due to his brave confession, also has someone to draw inspiration from. The bullfighter dreams of being like Luis Segura or Antoñete in the rings. “What I like most about bullfighting is natural. If I think I will be recognized for something, it will be for that,” he said.