The personal side of Alvise Pérez: his real name, his girlfriend Miss and his peculiar student and political past

It promulgates an anti-immigration and anti-feminist discourse and positions itself against a supposed “partitocracy.” And, although many did not know him, this Sunday he burst into the European Parliament at the head of Se Acabó la Fiesta. The name of Alvise Pérez resonates strongly this Monday after having the support of more than 800,000 votes in its first European elections, 4.6% of the total. There are those who now wonder who this anti-establishment agitator really issince its incursion into the political map divides the right into three.

At 34 years old, Alvise Pérez (Seville, 1990) For some time now, he has boasted a good presence on social networks., especially on Instagram, where he has more than 920,000 followers. However, he is usually quite secretive about his personal life, of which hardly any details are known beyond his political profile. The reality is that his name is Luis Pérez Fernández, but in the public sphere he presents himself with his current nickname in honor of the character in a novel by Agostino Nifo, a 15th century philosopher, which also means ‘Luis’ in Italian. .

His girlfriend and her controversy with the LGTBIQ+ group

On social media he shows that he believes in the Christian faith, he loves dogs and horses and usually travels, a lifestyle that he shares with his girlfriend. Andrea de las Heras. The model became the first finalist in the competition. Miss Universe Spain 2018, only behind the winner, Ángela Ponce, the first trans model to participate in the contest. He was involved in a controversial scuffle with her.

“In 2018 I was afraid to say that I did not agree with competing against a man for the title of Miss Universe Spain. In 2023 I am not ashamed to defend the truth: there are only two sexes, and one dies with the sex with which one is born. The only fear I allow myself from now on is going through life pretending to be something I’m not,” said Alvise’s girlfriend. A few words to which the winner of the contest responded bluntly: “From what you see Today the reality is that you are still frustrated because the lipo, the rhino, the breast and the retouching app were of no use. As Shakira would say, use your brain a little too and maybe next time you’ll have better luck. Kisses, partner.” There are hardly any photographs with his girlfriend on Alvise’s social networkssince it dedicates its contents to political analysis.

He defines himself as “academic illiterate”

Regarding his studies, Alvise defines himself as an “academic illiterate”. She began her studies in Political Science and Administration at the National University of Distance Education (UNED), but never finished them. He then left Spain and went to the United Kingdom, where he studied political consulting and worked in the Cervantes Institute. He was an international delegate of Liberal Youth, the youth sector of the Liberal Democrats.

He went through UPyD and Ciudadanos and approached Vox

At that time he was affiliated with Union Progress and Democracy (UPyD), the party created by Rosa Díez, Fernando Savater and Mikel Buesa. And, after his fall, in 2017 he positioned himself on the side of Citizens. In fact, he worked on the team of the candidate for the Valencian Community, Toni Cantó, who asked him to direct his campaign. Later, he became the Chief of Staff within the parliamentary group, although he only spent a year in Valencia: the constant disagreements would end with his departure. He fooled around with Vox, but did not become part of the party.