“The penalty? It already happened to Atlético at the Camp Nou and it was not repeated ”

Vicente Morenotechnician Majorca, appeared before the media after the defeat of his team against the Atlético de Madrid in the Metropolitan. The Valencian expressed his opinion on the controversial decision to repeat the penalty missed by Morata.

The penalty that was repeated

“We have protested because Manolo Reina was stepping on the line thinking that was why he ordered to repeat it. Then we protested more because we understand that if he is a player he enters the area prematurely, the VAR cannot judge him. There was something wrong. We are still wrong. It already happened to Atlético at the Camp Nou and the penalty was not repeated.

Difficult for the team not to lower its arms

“In the end we worked on that plot. We have good psychologists, but at this point everything tells you that the kids are not going to throw in the towel. Let's compete. It is difficult, we have fewer options than others, but if any team remains as it is on this day and then we can cut … Let's see if we reach the last game with possibilities. “