Simeone: “We needed to reinforce the Barcelona match with a victory”

Diego Pablo Simeonecoach Atlético de Madrid, analyzed the game that his team played against the Real Mallorca. The Argentine coach was happy with how his team carried out the appointment and is approaching the objective set, the positions of the Champions League.

“It was an important victory. We need to strengthen the party of Barcelona with a victory. The team went well from the start, looked for the verticality of Llorente and Carrasco have depth. We were growing, we could have scored one more goal in the first half, but we were ahead, “explained the coach.

The Argentine was satisfied that his team is finally finding that forcefulness he was looking for: “It is important to come out strong. In all the previous games we had situations to make, it was not done. The game lasts 90 minutes and you have to be prepared for everything and get the goal, which is the three points, “he said to speak about the situation of the penalty missed by Morata.

As it had already happened in Barcelona With other protagonists and another solution was chosen, the technician said that both served him. “Both actions seem good to me. When he decides to have his partner kick him, he talks about an ability to give the ability to another, to think about the team, like Costa. And in the case of Morata, the ability to convert him and have confidence in himself, “he said.

About the loss of Coast in Vigo He said: “It is very good. He came from playing 80 minutes in Barcelona. We imagine these 30 minutes today to continue having. He will rest in the next one and we will have it fresh for him Betis