The ‘patron’ against the ‘mother-in-law’: this was the true relationship between Shakira and Piqué’s mother

Montserrat Bernabeu is one of the great victims of the lyrics of the song Session 53 and also the separation of Gerard Piqué y Shakira. The Colombian dart (“You left my mother-in-law as a neighbor”) hinted that the relationship between them was not good at all, but what is the truth in that?

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The truth is that the life-size witch that Shakira placed on her terrace looking at the patio of her in-laws has not helped to deny these first reports. Neither are the pictures of Clara Chia clinging to Montserrat’s arm as they walked up the mountain during the couple’s last getaway with the footballer’s parents. The video that has gone viral this week has been the straw that breaks the camel’s back: Piqué’s mother grabs the face of her ‘daughter-in-law’ and silences her with an authoritative gesture.

a complicated start

The relationship between the ‘patron’ (as Piqué’s entourage called Shakira) and the ‘mother-in-law’ (as the Colombian and her family called Montserrat) did not start off on the right foot. The doctor, an eminence in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, did not accept at first what was then the girlfriend of her son. A world famous star, ten years older than Gerard and with a very complex life is not what she wanted for her offspring to settle down. They also ensure that the Piqué family belongs to a very closed, elitist and Catalan group, very reluctant to receive new members.

However, the “mother-in-law” had no choice but to open her arms to the queen of the Waka-Waka when he settled in Barcelona and his son showed that this was not a World Cup roll. From there, and according to Lectures, Montserrat threw down all the walls and became an ally for Shakira. The arrival of the children milan and sashaunited them even more, and Piqué’s mother became much more than a grandmother: she was a friend, confidante and the shoulder on which the woman from Barranquilla cried when her boy took the door and left after a fight.

They also affirm that Montserrat tried by all means to stop the separation and seek a reconciliation between Piqué and Shakira for the good of all, especially her grandchildren, until she came face to face with reality and could not do anything against the decision. that his son had taken, already in love with Clara Chía. With her, it seems, history repeats itself: she didn’t like her ‘appearance of her’ but she has accepted it because, what else can a mother do for a child?

“Stop teasing her”

The environment of the Piqué reveals that Montserrat is having a really bad time, not only because of having become an involuntary target of the cameras but also because of the estrangement with his grandchildren, whom he used to see every day. Now he can only enjoy Milan and Sasha when they are with his father and it seems that the children have been splashed by a war that should have stayed between adults: “They have stopped calling her grandmother at the request of Shakira”they say. In addition, the little ones no longer want to go to their grandparents’ house on the mountain and when they do, they spend hours pending the phone, because her mother does not stop calling them.

Thus, they point out that it would have been Montserrat herself who would have asked her son to sign the agreement with Shakira for the good of the children. “Stop provoking her, this war has to end now”he told him after the Casio and Twingo number in the Kings League.