The pastón that the daughter-granddaughter of Ana Obregón will inherit: 30 million for the great-granddaughter of the “creator” of La Moraleja

He will not lack “neither love” nor “nothing economic”. These are the words of Ana Obregón about the future of Ana Lequio. “That’s what your grandmother worked for 40 years”, adds the actress and biologist emphatically, addressing her little girl. Anna has always been a Currant, but Obregón’s empire runs in the family. His father, the businessman and builder Antonio García, built chalets in the 1980s in the La Moraleja neighborhood (Madrid). He was the architect of the most exclusive fashionable urbanization of that time. There Ana has her mansion of more than 300 square meters and that is where her Anita will live. The fortune of the actress reaches 30 million euros, according to the magazine Lectures. Where do they come from?

The 40 years of television, cinema and theater have given Ana a lot of play and dividends. The magazine counts: 22 TV series, contests, New Year’s Eve chimes, 30 films, without forgetting her international career, since some of her creations audiovisuals were broadcast in Latin America and Italy, as Ana and the 7.

Antoñita the fantastic, as we have known it for years, has carved out a profile of world-class fame and popularity. Far away is that episode of the 80s series the a-team. One of his great productions is Ana and the 7, in which she worked on the script and acting, as the leading actress. TVE’s fiction added 91 chapters, at 150,000 euros per chapter, he encrypted The Spanish. Which gives a total of 14.5 million euros plus advertising and broadcast rights outside of Spain. There is much more. With Ramon Garcia, What do we bet? Family contest, which could have meant an income for Ana between 50 and 80,000 euros per program. She presented 90. With the unforgettable Lina Morgan she recorded Hostal Royal Manzanares. He pocketed 250,000 euros per chapter. Plus the Campanadas on TVE on five occasions.

To this we must add her business profile. According to Ana magazine, she has held 32 management positions. Today she shares two real estate management companies with her four brothers, whose value the magazine estimates at 63 million euros, which would mean about 12.6 million for Ana. A whole empire in liquidity and real estate assets, which little Ana Lequio will end up inheriting. Everything indicates that we will see the actress and her baby next May landing in Madrid from Miami. Both will settle in the family home in La Moraleja.