The paparazzi, outraged by the report by Ana Obregón in Miami: “How many lies…”

Telecinco has played it this Friday substituting the Deluxe with a new bet: ‘Ana’. The report, presented by Saints Acostaexplains how the news leaked that Ana Obregon I was going to be a mother by surrogacy and how the famous images of the magazine were obtained Holain which the actress posed with her daughter-granddaughter at the hospital gates while sitting in a wheelchair waiting for her car.

The program, in which they have participated as commentators Sonia Ferrer, Boris Izaguirre o Sandra Aladro, director of the agency that carried out the report, started from the premise that Ana Obregón was unaware of the presence of the photographers and that the professionals followed her to Miami without knowing what was going to happen. A base that she has blown up Diego Arrabal, one of the best-known paparazzi in the country. Angry, he has lashed out at the space: “I’m sorry to tell you that I am deeply disappointed watching the ANA program. I have been traveling around the world for more than 35 years doing these types of reports, I am a paparazzi. Today I feel embarrassed watching your program. How many lies!”.

He is certainly not the only one to think so. Numerous users of social networks have raised an uproar over the contradictions incurred by the various videos broadcast on the program and those of Sandra Aladro herself, who first states that her agency sent a team to Miami without knowing what She is going to meet but later she says that they had the information that Ana was going to be a mother by surrogate pregnancy for four months. In fact, in one of the follow-up videos to Ana, one of the photographers tells her partner: “Let’s see if she goes to the hospital this time.”