Ana Obregón “threatens” to stay in Miami: “I am in no rush or desire to return to Spain”

It’s been a month since the actress became a mother by surrogacy in Miami and the media commotion that was generated crossed borders. Time has not calmed the waters and Ana Obregon He is aware of the interest aroused by his return to Spain. It is planned for the end of May, but this could change: “I’m not in a hurry or want to go back to Spain. Here I am very well”has said.

The presenter has attended to the Spanish journalists transferred to South Beach, the exclusive area where she is staying and where she walks little Ana Sandra in her stroller: “There is still time to go back to Spain, but the girl already has her passport. We are waiting for them to send it to us”, he explained smiling. “Here I am very well, we walk, there is sunshine, I have taken off my mourning… Now I dress in colors because there is color in my heart, although the pain due to the absence of my son remains, of course.”

Little Ana Sandra completed her first month of life last Thursday and her mother shared it with all her followers on social networks: “Love always triumphs. From some distant star, your dad hugs you,” he wrote. She celebrated it, as she has revealed, in private: “With little walks, changing diapers and a video call with the family.”

Ana continues to share glimpses of her new life through social networks, delighted by the media attention she has aroused. Although he repeats that he is not too aware of the controversy that his decision has generated, the truth is that he has darts ready to answer the most difficult questions: “As my daughter says, foolish words turn deaf ears. This little thing has the right to live Love always triumphs.”