The pain of Terelu Campos upon arriving in Malaga for her mother’s funeral mass

After being cremated in Madrid, this Monday Maria Teresa Campos It will be honored in Malaga with a mass at 7:00 p.m. in the parish of San Pablo, in the Trinidad neighborhood, where Jesús El Cautivo is located. There, José Sánchez, a great friend of the communicator and former vicar of the diocese of Málaga, will preside over the event. After that, the presenter’s ashes will be transferred to the Hermandad de la Paloma to rest next to her mother and her brothers.

This SundayTerelu Campos He took a bird at mid-morning from Madrid to travel to Malaga and prepare this great tribute to his mother. In rigorous mourning and with a serious countenance, she arrived accompanied by her niece Carmen, who has become one of his main supporters in recent months. Minutes later, he took another AVE Carmen Borrego with her husband, Jose Carlos Bernal. The family has already been reunited with the Andalusian family.

The entire family is expected to travel to the south to say goodbye to the veteran communicator in style, although this will not be the only tribute, since next week another religious ceremony is expected to be held in Madrid in her honor.

This weekend, Terelu has aroused great concern on social networks after leaving this message: “My mother. The love of my life, my teacher, my reference… I am devastated. I don’t know how I will be able to not see her, caress her, pamper her and above all love her. I just want to disappear to be by her side.” However, friends like Emma García reassured viewers after speaking with her. Her daughter, Alejandra Rubio, also said that his words were the result of pain and that everything was in order. Later, Terelu herself entered Telecinco by phone to send a message to her daughter.