Belén Esteban gets a tattoo during her vacation in the United States with her daughter, Andrea Janeiro: “I love you”

Belen Esteban She is full, happy, and that is reflected in each of the numerous photographs that she shared on Instagram this Sunday from her spectacular trip through the United States. After the end of Save me and from the recordings of the docureality for Netflix, the town princess heading to Los Angeles, where her daughter has been living since the beginning of this year.

“TQ” (I love you), the former Telecinco collaborator has simply written on her Instagram profile along with the images of her trip. He hasn’t made any direct reference to her daughter, but the last photo she shared is very significant: her hand joined with his. Andreita Janeiro reflecting all the love they feel for each other.

Belén also took advantage of her trip to the other side of the pond to attend a concert by Beyoncé and visit Las Vegas. She walked into a record store and took a photo with a vinyl record. Rosalía and a Funko of the Catalan artist, with whom he has a close relationship. In another of them she shows a tattoo that she would have gotten on his left arm. She says ‘La Patrona’, although we don’t know if it is a permanent engraving or not. Be that as it may, this is the name by which he wants to be addressed after her jump to Netflix.

“A fantastic trip, you visit your daughter and you go to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and on top of that you make us envious watching Beyoncé. I love it”, “The best. Willing, joyful and enjoying yourself”, “You are an artist” or Divina “, wrote some of his followers, who number more than a million on the posturing social network.

As we said, Belén’s daughter, who avoids the media and her mother respects it, has been living in Los Angeles since the beginning of the year, where she is trying to make a future for herself. She already knows what it is like to live outside our borders, since she studied Communication at the Birmingham Metropolitan College in England.