The other Jorge Javier Vázquez: this is how he earned his bread as a fruit replenisher at Carrefour

Jorge Javier Vazquez has taken advantage of his Thursday payday in Save me to go to a place that transports him to his young years: Carrefour. The presenter worked in the El Prat de Llobregat establishment as a fruit replenisher. It wasn’t his dream job, but he has fond memories of those years and the experiences he drew from.

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The presenter has been in charge of sponsoring the event for the 50th anniversary of the supermarket. “I’ve spent the morning remembering those wonderful years and this event is also going to be hard to forget,” he wrote on Instagram. “I really enjoyed it. Here’s to another 50!” He added.

At the event, he told a funny anecdote. The first time she went to a Carrefour with her parents, something curious happened to her. Now he laughs, then not so much: “We arrived at the sports section through a huge corridor and there was a man who was testing a tennis racket and with all his strength he goes ‘Pum’. He hit me full in the face. I ended up with my father and mother at the medical center.

Jorge already revealed on his social networks, in 2017, that he worked as a fruit replenisher: “I worked at Carrefour when it was called Prica in the 90s and I became a great expert in fruit and vegetables. I know all the apple varieties.”

Who would tell him then that he would end up becoming one of the most popular and successful presenters (despite whoever he is) on the national scene. Today, with the new Mediaset dome, Save me seems to hang by a thread. The one from Badalona has already confessed that he would like to keep a less frenetic pace and away from the screens if his program ends. He has even considered the option of leaving the country for a while to escape the media noise. At the moment, with the new Mediaset Code of Ethics, he is prohibited from talking about certain characters and politics on Telecinco, although he does what he wants on his networks and on his blog. Without going any further, this Wednesday he was very hard against Alaska and Mario Vaquerizo for his political ideals, contrary to his.