Shakira changes her plans: she wants to sell her Miami mansion and settle on a private island

The Colombian is looking forward to crossing the pond to start a new life in the United States with her children, milan and sasha, after living one of the most difficult years of his life. The illness of his father and the separation of Gerard Piqué They have made her the center of attention in Barcelona and she is looking for tranquility in the United States, although perhaps Miami, where she has a spectacular mansion, is not the best option.

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Shakira he wants peace for his loved ones and the house he owns in better areas of the city has some deficiencies in this sense: the back, where the patio, the pool and the access to the river are located, is visible to the curious and paparazzi, who could photograph them at any time. For this reason, the journalist Álex Rodríguez has assured that the Colombian is considering a script twist: “She is interested in another house, which is very close to there. It is not publicly accessible, it is located in a private area, specifically on a small island, and it is owned by an Indian businessman”. And he adds: “He is thinking of buying from her. He has told one of her best friends, Katty, that he intends to move to live near her.”

In addition, the former reporter for Ana Rosa Quintana, now living in Miami, assures that Shakira’s mansion is not ready to welcome the family on April 1: “We have been there and the house is not painted, the pool has no maintenance… Everything is paralyzed, it does not seem that it is going to receive anyone”, has said. “Only the gardeners work.”

And that’s not all. According to real estate experts, the area of ​​Miami Beach where Shakira’s mansion is located has greatly appreciated in recent years. So much so that she acquired it in 2001 for just over three million euros and now they reach 16 million. So, if she sells it, she would make a huge profit, more than enough to buy another one in a nearby area that offers her all the luxuries and privacy she needs right now.