“The one who best adapts is the one who will win,” says Garitano.

This section of League it is a melon to discover. No one knows anything, there are no specific references to stick to, the unknown has involved football. But it's not a reason that Gaizka Garitano look for cover. He acknowledged through a telematic press conference that there is “a lot of uncertainty” for these five weeks, “but for all the teams.” The 20 teams start from an identical point: “We cannot make it an excuse because we are all the same, in the same conditions, except in the time we have between games, which is different.”

The Athletic “Has been properly prepared” to face a demanding schedule. “We are going to face difficult matches, this first one we have is the most difficult,” he said regarding the Athletic. The only objective is to “try to win it”, without looking at external circumstances: “We will try to adapt to the new situations that occur in games, which are totally different from those that occurred before.”

And it is something totally new, “no one has faced this, to play so often” and, in the case of the Athletic, “To play more often”. But Garitano He repeated that he does not intend to hide in anything. “We have already talked a lot about that, you cannot make excuses, we have to adapt to what there is. We know that we will have to play every three days and that we come with a short preparation, but like the rest of the teams, ”explained the coach. A message that has penetrated the rojiblanco locker room, very similar to the one launched by Iñigo Córdoba last Thursday.

There is no other option but to internalize everything that is to come: “What we have to do is adapt to the new difficulties and situations that soccer or life demands of you. The one who best adapts is the one who wins, trying to compete well against the Athletic and forget about excuses or situations ”

Garitano has seen the three commitments of League disputed before his appearance and what has most shocked him are “all those stops in the second half, both drinking water and substitutions, the actual minutes of play in the second half are not many.” Up to five changes, at three specific times, each team can make. The deriotarra stressed the importance of avoiding “those lack of concentration that there are after the resumes or at the beginning when there is no public.”