Incredible: party without an audience … and a spontaneous jump to take a photo with Messi!

The Mallorca-Barcelona has left one of the images of the day. In a stadium without an audience, a spontaneous has managed to skip the protocol, sneak into Son Moix and go to Messi to try to take a photograph.

The game had to stop in the 53rd minute, 0-2 in favor of Barcelona, ​​when the fan, who broke all protocols, headed for Messi dressed in a T-shirt Argentina and a photo camera in hand. The security members of the stadium took him out of the field a minute later under the watchful eye of the Argentine.

The Majorca confirmed that the spontaneous entered through the south bottom, jumping a fence after an oversight by the security members of They are Moix.

“I have thrown eggs and I have not taken anything”

The spontaneous who jumped in Son Moix went through the microphones of “El Partidazo de COPE” to comment on the incident.

Spontaneous: “I am French and from everywhere. I live here always. I told Messi to give me a photo, give it to him. I do not want to go into details or give my name. I suppose I will receive a complaint. I have told them my name and those of my father I'll get a fine. “

Photo: “I took a photo but the cop made me delete it. Messi is my idol. I jumped a fence of about two meters. I jumped with a ladder and was already on the field. I arrived in the 40th minute. I threw eggs at him And in the end I have not taken anything “.

Security: “The one who caught me I think was from LaLiga and then the security one in the tunnel.”

Planned: “I had it planned since I was going to play. I want a photo with Messi because he is my idol. I stopped with Jordi Alba and I couldn't with Messi. It was a beautiful experience. Then they reviewed my entire phone.”