The official portrait of Frederick of Denmark and Mary: the photo without smiles and the princess posing in profile

And before the proclamation of the new king of denmark The official pose has arrived. Federico and Mary Donaldson have been photographed in a new photo session distributed by the Danish Royal House this Friday, January 12. On Sunday the 14th the prince will be proclaimed king in a sober and measured ceremony. He will pass the baton to his mother, Margaret II, 83 years old, after 52 years on the Throne.

Federico, in the gala uniform, looks from the front. His body language is that of a head of state. It takes center stage in this pose, while his wife looks in profile in clear transfer of focus. Mary Donaldson, a rising value for the Danish Crown, represents the new times of the House, the new era committed to women and equality. The Australian, with a fabulous floral tiara and diamond earrings matching her bracelet and ring, grabs her husband's arm with both hands. She wears a classic updo. Her pearly jewel dress blends into the gray of the background. Neither of the two princes crack a smile. They are contained. They pose, very firm, a few hours away from becoming Kings.

In this countdown, the Danish House is sharing more details of Frederick's proclamation on its networks. We know that the moment of handing over the baton will be held in the State Council Hall of Christiansborg Castle, which houses the large oval table upholstered in red. The Queen will preside over this council. Along with her, the heir and the Government. Prince Christian, second in the line of succession, will also be present.. During the Council of State, the Queen will sign her abdication declaration. His son will ascend the Throne as Frederick X.

Since then, The young Christian (18 years old), due to his status as heir, will have a permanent seat in the Council of State. He will occupy his chair to the right of the King. After the Council of State will come the moment of the proclamation, which will come from the hand of the Prime Minister, Mette Frederiksen. It will be on the balcony of Christiansborg Palace.