The new professional project that excites Lydia Lozano about to be released ‘Sálvase who can’

Mediaset’s change of direction did not completely limit the professional career of its most prominent names, among them, Lydia Lozano. And the journalist has not only participated in Every man for himselfthe new reality show that Netflix will premiere this November, but he is also writing a book.

The 62-year-old journalist is preparing the launch of her autobiography, which will be published by Lasfera de los libros. This is a publication in which she will address some issues from her professional life, which has been long and, above all, intense.

Among the memorable moments that Lozano has left on television is what is probably one of his worst memories: when he talked about the disappearance of Ylenia Carrisidaughter of singers Al Bano y Romina Powerstating that she was alive.

The communicator has stated to The Spanish which is immersed in writing the book, but has not confirmed whether it will include this chapter among its pages. However, the aforementioned media assures that readers will be able to read the author talking about this traumatic experience.

“I’m already working on it, looking for reports, photographs…”, noted Lozano, who foresees the launch for the year 2024. “I don’t know the exact day, but they told me that I have to present it in June,” has clarified.

At the moment, the presenter is waiting for the premiere of Every man for himselfone of Netflix’s most anticipated proposals, and whose premiere will arrive on November 10.

In it reality will appear next to Belén Esteban, Terelu Campos, Kiko Matamoros, Chelo García Cortés, Víctor Sandoval, Kiko Hernández y Maria Patiño. Sálvame’s former colleagues will focus on finding a new job.