The new business success of Eva Cárdenas, Feijóo’s wife: her real estate company increases profits by 48%

New success for Eva Cárdenas, the wife of Alberto Núñez Feijóo. The businesswoman has managed to consolidate her new company (Niebla Azul) in record time. According to the balance sheet for 2022, the company invoiced a total of 160,609 euros (26% more than last year). The company’s profits increase by 48% compared to 2021, thus reaching 40,397 euros.

The businesswoman does not waste a good job opportunity. Therefore, when she ended her time as director of Zara Home (2003-2018) for personal reasons, Cárdenas turned to Niebla Azul: a real estate agency.

As reported on their website, the company’s objective is “to rent unique spaces with history in A Coruña.” Likewise, its objective is to “connect people with the details and their essence, as well as create places where you always wanted to be, live, feel and stay.”

As we see in his latest project, Feijóo’s right hand does not forget his native Galicia. After founding Niebla Azul, Eva Cárdenas collaborated for two years with the porcelain firm Sargadelos (a Galician ceramics company with 200 years of history). However, her move to the capital due to Feijóo’s leap into national politics forced him to say goodbye to the porcelain company and focus full time on Niebla Azul.

The career of Eva Cárdenas

Eva Cárdenas, 58 years old, has a degree in Economics and Industrial Design from the University of Santiago and has a master’s degree in Business Administration. After her time at the cosmetic giant L’Oreal, Eva joined Inditex. She ran Zara Home for 15 years since its inception, in 2003. In 2013 she began her relationship with Núñez Feijóo, with whom she has a son, Alberto, 6 years old.

Together with his daughter Gabriela, the result of his first marriage, he formed Niebla Azul and jumped into the real estate market. Starting in 2020, he signed with Sargadelos, a ceramic house from Lugo whose very varied designs have reached the MOMA in New York. It is very rare to see Cárdenas at an official event. With exceptions, such as Feijóo’s investiture as president of the Xunta de Galicia or the election night of 23-J.