Cristina Cifuentes, blunt about the “lynching” of Luis Rubiales: “Mine was worse, no one supported me”

Cristina Cifuentes He remembers the “lynching” he suffered due to the Master Case (in 2018, he was accused of obtaining a Master’s degree at the Rey Juan Carlos University with false grades), as well as the famous theft of some creams in a supermarket. Now that the Rubiales Case occupies all the front pages, the former president of the Community of Madrid states: “My lynching was worse than that of Luis Rubiales.”

“No one supported me, not even mine. Yes, it was harder, since it lasted much longer. And yes, I think mine was worse,” says Cifuentes in The Objective. Far from positioning herself in favor of the former president of the RFEF, Ana Rosa Quintana’s collaborator on Telecinco denounces that her behavior with Jenni Hermoso in the final of the Women’s Soccer World Cup was inappropriate.

However, he assures that, in these cases, the Government must act and not the “twitter hordes”: “I think what they have done is fatal. But that is one thing and letting the rule of law, the institutions and others act. , and a different one are the lynchings, the Twitter and media hordes against a person. Maybe because I have suffered it, I will always be against it forever,” Cifuentes reveals in the aforementioned newspaper.

Cifuentes, on the Government’s management in the Rubiales Case

During the interview, the former politician converted into a talk show host calls the Government’s management of the Rubiales Case “a clumsiness and indescribable bungling.” Likewise, he states: “The Government of Pedro Sánchez has been protecting Rubiales. There have been many journalists who have been denouncing irregularities within the Federation of all kinds for years and Pedro Sánchez and the Government of Pedro Sánchez and the Higher Sports Council only “He has looked the other way, but has directly thrown dirt on himself. Now, they try to lead because social unrest has been created. It seems hypocritical to me.”