The National Force League comes to DAZN with a new weekly program


Starting this Friday, the sports streaming platform DAZN will offer a new weekly program about the National Strength League (LNF), a competition that celebrates 15 years of history and is considered the Spanish Strength Championship, regarding a discipline with special roots in northern Europe and North America.

“The LNF is held in different locations in the country, with the participation of the best strength athletes from various parts of Spain. The competition is developed through several tournaments that give different points to the participants. With the sum of the points of each tournament, in this league-type format the Final General Classification is reached, proclaiming the strongest athlete in Spain,” DAZN reported in a press release.

“In each tournament, five tests are held, ranging from the classic ones (truck drag, the farmer’s walk with heavy cylinders, car overturning, etc.) to other more original and highly spectacular ones. In the tests, the strength of athletes, along with their power, speed and endurance; although the ability and dexterity of the athletes also has great weight,” the note added.

One of the main favorites for this season is Juan Ferrer, champion of the 2020 and 2022 editions. But he will not have an easy time, since he will compete with other names in the championship such as Adrián Vela, Matthew Riddall, Gianluca Ardenghi or Daniel Aroca.

Finally, DAZN indicated that it will offer a weekly delivery every Friday in the month of December. “The program will feature narration by Emilio Marquiegui, a commentator specialized in combat and strength sports,” the press text concluded.