Bárbara Rey cancels several jobs after her son’s betrayal: “She’s canine”

A son’s betrayal never comes at a good time, but Angel Cristo Jr.In addition, he has hit Barbara Rey in the midst of an economic downturn: “It’s canine,” he assures Alessandro Lequio. Things could get complicated for the star who, immersed in deep sadness over what happened, has decided to cancel her upcoming television appearances.

“Bárbara had to attend a live program in Galicia and in the end she decided not to. She is going to stay away from the media spotlight until it passes a little,” they said in VAV. After the burial of her brother in Totana, her homeland, the actress returned to Marbella. From there she offered her first statements: “I have a very clear conscience but I am very afraid for my son. He is fragile and does not know where he has gone. They are going to destroy him,” she lamented.

After that, exit. Bárbara wants to live her grief in silence and solitude, surrounded only by her closest friends, although there are those who claim that her son is not acting alone and that it is a family setup that involves the mother and sister Sofía: “I told you “that Bárbara was canine and it was demonstrated with the lender who spoke yesterday. Therefore, this confirms my theory that the whole family is involved in this,” Lequio assured.

Joaquin, Bárbara Rey’s lender, revealed this Wednesday that he had passed her 22,000 euros on three occasions since 2021. The last one, last April: “It was 7,000 euros, he returned 4,000 to me.” Of course, she also points out that although she does business with the star, it is her son who collects the money: “I told her that I wanted to see her and she replied ‘No, if she sees you, she will fall in love with you.'”