The name that Camilín has chosen to live as a woman at 40

For just over a week the social networks of Camilinthe son of Camillus SextusThey have made a radical change. Now shown with wigs. One of her last poses, in a thong and surrounded by garbage in her house in Torrelodones (Madrid), drew special attention. Now the reason for her change of attitude is known: she considers herself a woman.

Sheila Devil It is the name that the son of the legendary artist, who turned 40 last November, would have chosen for the new phase of his life, as the magazine revealed this Friday Week in exclusive. This has already been communicated to his mother, Lourdes Ornelas, and other relatives and friends. Camilín would have already done the pertinent legal procedures, since the letters that reach his mailbox already bear his new name.

On Instagram, he has changed his username: we no longer find him as @camiloblanesoficial, but as @shelaw123. Camilín deleted his previous publications and only photos of his new identity appear on his profile.

The concern of Lourdes Ornelas

Beyond Camilo’s new identity, his mother acknowledged that she fears for her life and that she is “in self-destruction mode.” Lourdes finds support in Maria, Sheila’s girlfriend, who remains by her side.

A few days ago, Ornelas revealed that his son’s ex-girlfriend, Christina Shaved, is a regular visit in the house in recent days: “I am scared to see that this person is at Camilo’s house knowing the state he is in. I am horrified to see that this woman arrives with bottles of alcohol at my son’s house when I I try to take care of him as much as I can.” And he added: “He does not even know what he is doing because surely tomorrow he does not even remember what he has done. It is evident that my son needs help and we are trying everything we can, this is super exhausting.”

In the last images of his profile, Camilín poses in various rooms of the house, all of them destroyed: kitchen, living room, bedroom… Everything is messy, full of garbage, like the outside of the house. In Informalia We revealed this Thursday some details of the wigs that she wears, purchased on Amazon.

Oblivious to his mother’s warning messages, he continues to receive unwelcome visitors at his house, who bring him what he calls “sweets.” A good listener, few words are enough.

The last few years have been especially difficult. In November 2021, she suffered a bicycle accident when he was returning to her house after several days of partying. He did not leave the ICU of the Puerta de Hierro University Hospital in Majadahonda until 50 days later.