Léster Fernandez, ‘Finisher’ of the Titan Desert with 81% disability


The amateur cyclist Léster Fernández has made history in the Skoda Titan Desert Morocco 2023 by finishing the test and becoming ‘Finisher’ of one of the toughest mountain bike tests with 81 percent disability.

Fernández, a member of the KH-7 team, fulfilled his goal of reaching the finish line after the six stages disputed. After crossing the finish line he was tucked in by his team “as if he were a baby.” “They’ve made me feel very good. I had good expectations before coming, from what people told me, but I didn’t know the test and I was going blind”, said the ‘Finisher’.

“When you get here and live it with this wonderful environment, it’s an incredible experience. I had expectations of five and what I experienced was 9’8”, said the Cuban cyclist, who has impressed all the participants and ‘ Titan staff’, after obtaining a Titan Life by KH-7 scholarship, intended to help charitable causes with their Happy Wheels project.