The name of a Spanish influencer with whom Rauw Alejandro was unfaithful to Rosalía while they were together comes to light

Although Raw Alejandro He denied that the reason for his breakup with Rosalía it was an infidelity, the Puerto Rican singer does not stop turning brown. As soon as they announce the end of their engagement, the model Valeria Duque o actress Ester Exposito They were designated as the third in discord.

Now, from Telecinco they point to another famous name as one of the people with whom the artist would also have been disloyal to the Motomami while they were together. It’s about the influencer Zaira of the Morena.

This 23-year-old Valencian woman has more than 124,000 followers on Instagram and is known in our country for her participation in Women and men and vice versa. Internationally, Zaira has participated in Playing with Fire: Latinothe Spanish version of Too Hot to Handleel popular reality de Netflix.

“I take responsibility for this information, because I have seen all the evidence and if I were Rosalía it would hurt me a lot. I don’t go into the dressing room with a singer alone,” he said. romeira love in Summer party this Saturday. “The story goes further. This Saturday, August 26, Rauw Alejandro gives a concert in Valencia and Zaira de la Morena goes,” he pointed out.

Chronology of the history of Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía

Rosalía and Rauw have been together since 2020. They met recording Afrodisíaco and from there to love was only a matter of time. Although it was an open secret, they did not make their relationship official until September 2021 through various images posted on Instagram during the 28th birthday of the Catalan artist. In 2022, they went one step further and purchased their first property together.

The announcement of their marriage commitment was made last March, at the end of the video clip of Kiss, one of the three tracks from the mini album they released together earlier this year. The breakup rumors began a few weeks ago, when their fans realized that both had stopped seeing each other. likes in their respective social media posts. Later, confirmation came from both of them.