The millionaire figure that Shakira will have to pay to move her collection of luxury cars to Miami

The Colombian singer is already fully installed in her Miami mansion after leaving behind her life in Barcelona last april 2. However, a move from one country to another is not so easy and there are still some things that remain to be moved, including his car collection.

According to Time, Shakira has a series of luxury cars including a Mercedes S-Class, a Mercedes SL550, a Tesla Model S, an Audi A7 Sportback, a Mercedes SLK250, a BMW X6, a Seat Leon, an Audi Q7, a Jeep Wrangler, and a Mini Cooper.

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Taking all these exclusive vehicles from Spain to the United States would cost him no less and no more than 14 million dollars (12 million euros). An amount that would mean only a “pinch” for the artist taking into account that her assets amount to more than 300 million dollars, as she assures Celebrity Net Worth.

your happy new life

The one from Barranquilla has begun a new stage away from the media and from all the controversies in which it has been involved this last year after the break with Gerard Piqué. As they signed in their separation agreement, she moved to Miami with her children, Milan y Sasha. Her parents also moved in with her, having given her the odd worry about a health bump.

The city of Florida has returned the smile. She herself was in charge of share the first images of their day to day there, surrounded by friends and enjoying concert nights. Added to this is the fact that her professional career is in one of her best moments because, as she rightly says, women no longer cry women bill.