Carmen Borrego, happy: she has reconciled with her son and will be able to meet her grandson

carmen borrego has reconciled with his son Jose Maria Almoguera and he will be able to meet his first grandchild, whose birth is imminent. The journalist was happy about this family rapprochement after a distance that has been a great upset for her during the nine months of pregnancy of her daughter-in-law, Paola. His son and his wife broke relations with the little girl from Las Campos after receiving this exclusive in which she announced the pregnancy that she was going to make her a grandmother, in which she did not leave her daughter-in-law, nor the mother of her daughter in a very good place. this.

The happy news of the reconciliation has been known during the speech that the presenter made when receiving the Orange Award, which is awarded by the Peña Periodística Primera Plana, and which recognizes her kindness, her accessibility and her closeness to the press in the last year, precisely the most convulsed by the break in relations with his son and by the state of health of his mother, Maria Teresa Camposwhich is getting weaker every day.

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During his speech, Borrego dedicated his award to his mother, saying that “I have learned from the best that television can be made from the heart and not with a fist”, and included some very special words for his future grandson and for his son José María . After collecting the award, he confirmed with a “of course yes” that the desired family reconciliation had taken place after several months apart.

Discreet, so as not to add fuel to the fire now that it has gone out, but very happy, Carmen acknowledged that she is looking forward to meeting the new member of the family and assured with a smile that “of course” she will be a wonderful grandmother.

Everyone except Maria Teresa

At the Orange and Lemon awards ceremony, Carmen Borrego had the support of her family; his sister Terelu Camposher husband Jose Carlos Bernal And your daughter Carmen Almoguera. Curiously, besides her, her niece Alexandra Rubio She was also awarded, although in her case with the Limón Award for her acidity in dealing with the media.

Wearing an orange dress to match her award, Carmen was very moved by a recognition that, as she confesses, she did not expect “at all” and has made her especially excited: “When you have been working for many years and they give you the first award, I’m nervous and happy. We all have a friendly side and an acid side. I love the press and it’s nice that your teammates reward you with the Orange”.

The great absent from the family was her mother, María Teresa, of whom she assured that she is “fine”: “I wish she could join us. She is calm, she is fine, thank God, very calm and very cared for and very pampered, which is what corresponds in these moments and it is what we all do with great affection”, explained Carmen.

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The daughter of the great communicator asked that the media respect the current situation of the historic television presenter: “The press has always treated my mother well, it would be unfair to say that. But there is a moment when a person withdraws we have to let her rest and give her the few moments that she can have, which is coming to my house or my sister’s house or taking her for a walk, because people should remember María Teresa as what she has been: a great communicator”, has saying.

The family understands that colleagues from the press ask about the health of the elderly journalist, but her daughter insists: “There are times when we must all, including her daughters, step back, leave her and not talk about her.”