The million-euro exclusive: the price of the news and the images of Ana Obregón with her daughter

The news happened this week in Spain and also outside our borders due to the exclusive Ana Obregon, photographed with her daughter at the gates of the Miami hospital. There is almost no talk of anything else on the street, in Congress and of course in the media. Public opinion has been shaken as on few occasions by news that almost no one expected: the motherhood of the actress by surrogate pregnancy at 68 years of age.

After the bomb, the debates, the speculations and the opinions. At one extreme, critics against surrogates, a practice prohibited in our country but legal in other territories, which leaves a loophole for people who can afford this method of reproduction. To another, respect for the freedom of Ana Obregón to carry out his wish and it seems that that of his son Aless, who died three years ago. A tragedy that will never be overcome but that at least has now been consoled with the arrival of a creature that, as we progressed through this portal, is called Ana Lequio Obregón.

But the happiness of Ana Obregón expressed on the historic cover of Hola, and in the actress’s own words, is faced by many writers, columnists and detractors of surrogacy as violence against women. The position somehow sums up the world we live in: a few can buy what they want while others need to sell what they can. This sad reality is what has questioned the decision of the presenter.

Because, let’s not forget, there is a mercantilist component in surrogates. A price paid by parents and another charged by pregnant women who lend their bodies to conceive a child that they carry inside for nine months but that will not be theirs. Along the way, the intermediaries also take a cake, enough for fruitful companies in charge of carrying out these processes after putting the parties in contact.

But in this case, given the overwhelming fame of Ana Obregon, there is another price for which many wonder: the exclusive the one that everyone talks about and those that will come, according to some journalists, much higher than what the biologist has been able to pay. “This exclusive gives for many surrogate pregnancies,” she said days ago on her program Susanna Griso.

“If she hadn’t wanted that done, it wouldn’t have been done.

This Sunday, another expert, paparazzo for decades, owner of an agency and husband of another chatterbox and a great expert as he is Marisa Martín Blázquez, got wet in the Toñi Moreno program on TVE. Antonio Montero spoke of the exclusive in these terms: “If she had not wanted that to be done, it would not have been done. Ana is in control of absolutely everything. I have congratulated my colleagues, because it is a one-level exclusive, I think it is spectacular” , said the reporter in reference to Gtres y Holaagency and weekly, respectively, which have published the exclusive.

Asked how much he would have asked for this report, Antonio Montero Raise the figure: “I would have asked him for a million euros. It is news that has gone around the world, and Hello, it is impossible to run out of it,” he said. But the story has only just begun and in the coming days we will see more reports and more exclusives. We are going to know everything that Ana Obregón wants to tell us on the cover of a magazine. We are going to see the cover, we are going to see the girl, and we are going to see the story told in the first person by the person who can tell it.