Barça beat Jimbee Cartagena in extra time and win their eighth Copa del Rey


Barça lifted their eighth Futsal Copa del Rey this Sunday by beating Jimbee Cartagena (3-4) in extra time at the Fernando Argüelles Municipal Pavilion (Antequera).

The culé team dedicated the title to their captain Sergio Lozano, who injured his knee again in a worrying way in the semifinal match against Palma. Jesús Velasco’s men thus lifted the second title of the season after the Spanish Super Cup.

The final was intense and exciting. Pito’s goal tipped the balance after Barça led 2-0 at halftime, while Ferrao, author of a double, became the most fearsome man for the melon defense.

However, Motta, with a double penalty, got the Cartagena side into the game, who managed to force extra time at 3-3 despite going the whole game in tow. There, Barça became a little more king of Cups.