Jorge Javier Vazquez revolutionized the television scene this Saturday after announcing his retirement. The presenter, who has been essential on television in recent decades, has been out for more than two weeks and it is now official that he will not be at the end of Save mewhich will stop broadcasting on June 23 after fourteen years on the air.

The one from Badalona wrote on his social networks: “At the moment, going back is the last thing on my mind, although it may be what I feel like the most tomorrow. I don’t know. So for now I can only say ‘Goodbye’. ‘Until when I can.’ ‘Until I come up.’ And, above all, thank you. Thanks to you, it was worth it.”

On the Instagram comment wall, Mediaset presenters have sent him their messages of support. Risto Mejide he sent her a red heart, Jesus Vazquez “Hugs, mate.” Carmen Chaparro He also wished him all the best: “Comrade, the first thing is that you take care of yourself.” Ione Aramendipresenter of the debates of survivorshas also had a few words for him: “A big hug, dear Jorge. I hope you can and it comes up soon.”

faces of Save me and his producer, La Fábrica de la Tele, they have also turned to him through Instagram. Adela Gonzalezwho crossed his path in the last stage of the program, wrote to him: “It was worth meeting you, enjoying, laughing, crying, sharing… And more than we will, whenever, wherever. I hug you tight.” Terelu Campos He also shared a message: “The first thing is you, don’t forget it. Nobody can do it for you, so if you think it’s what’s necessary and what’s best for you, go ahead. Although we miss you.”

Maria Patino he was moved by his friend: “I love you. And as my father used to say. You deserve to be loved.” Chelo Garcia Cortesin turn, wrote: “We all miss you but only you can know what is best for you, friend. A huge kiss Jorge and thanks for everything.” Laura Fa he sent her the emoticons of a red heart and a band-aid.

other faces like romeira love (“Come back when you feel better”) or the actor second of the rose (“Listen to, attend to. Retune. There is nothing better”) they spoke about it.

Also politicians such as the second vice president of the Government and Sumar candidate for the next general elections, Yolanda Diaz: “Take care of yourself. Come back whenever you want. Your audience will be waiting for you.” AND Carla Antonelli, former deputy of the PSOE who is now a member of the ranks of Más Madrid. “Thank you Jorge, you are brave, you have stood up to the spiral of racist hatred, you have not cut yourself and you have said it with all the words, if that has caused you to be suspended, I can only tell you that with your head held high, friend. A hug”.

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In the last two years, Save me It was dragging an audience crisis and was far from scaring its rivals as before. The Code of Ethics implemented by the new leadership of Mediaset in February so that politics would not be discussed in entertainment programs and certain characters such as Rocio Carrasco, Antonio David Flores o Jose Ortega Cano it also affected the program, its contents and the freedom of Jorge Javier to get involved in certain topics.

The Catalan appeared on television for the last time on Wednesday, May 17. The next day, the presenter was absent from survivors and his position was filled by Carlos Sobera, who explained that Jorge Javier was “unwell”. María Patiño, who replaced him in the save me fashion week Last week, I sent you an enigmatic live message. “Jorge Javier Vázquez, you are here with us because you will always be there. I send you a huge kiss.”

On the other hand, the communicator planned to sign copies of before oblivion this Sunday June 4 at the Madrid Book Fair, but the event has been cancelled. With the purpose of Save me He has experienced a turning point in his personal and professional life. Already in 2019 she slowed down on television after the stroke she suffered.