The Madrid City Council rewards sports entities that promote grassroots sports

Almeida and Villacís present the prizes to clubs and federations that each year participate in the Municipal Sports Games


The Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and the Deputy Mayor, Begoña Villacís, together with the Delegate Councilor for Sports, Sofía Miranda, presented this Wednesday at the Miguel Guillén Prim Municipal Sports Center the awards that recognise, for the first time, the work of associations that promote grassroots sports in Madrid.

Almeida recalled that these associations participate each year in the Municipal Sports Games, the largest popular competition in Europe, and that every weekend the municipal sports facilities welcome tens of thousands of people who participate in individual and team sports.

The mayor of Madrid has highlighted that, in the year in which Madrid is the World Capital of Sport, there is no act “that honors that capital status so much” as this “recognition of entities, people and associations” that make “Madrid a city who breathes sport 365 days”. “It is an act of gratitude to all sports and disciplines because every day they allow us to build a better city, with better youth, based on the values ​​of sport,” he commented.

The deputy mayor, Begoña Villacís, has described this tribute as “a pending subject” because grassroots sport “is a school of life for many kids and for many families, it is an alternative life to other paths that are not advisable, it is the second family of the boys when they come out of the cabbages”.

The Delegated Sports Area, organizer of these awards, has recognized the best in the 2021-22 season such as the Madrid Volleyball Club, Chamartín Tennis Club, the coaches Astrid Sánchez Villalba and Manolo Sánchez ‘Sanchís’, Club Deportivo Gredos San Diego , Club Deportivo Chamartín Vergara and in adapted sports, AFANDICE.

In addition, the mayor of Madrid has awarded the award for historical sports career to the Real Canoe Swimming Club, founded in 1930 and dean of swimming in Madrid, which has a list of winners full of records and is one of the clubs that has won the most Olympic medals Contributed to the Spanish team.

The Delegate Councilor for Sport, Sofía Miranda, pointed out that each of the clubs is the “guarantee for the future” of the city and of a healthier society, as well as “the guarantee that Madrid can sign up for any challenge and achieve it”, something that has been demonstrated, in his opinion, with the celebration this year of the World Capital of Sport.