Joaquín collapses when talking about his family tragedy: “I’m sorry he didn’t see me succeed”

Joaquin y Anna Milan have lived a very special moment this Wednesday in The noob. What began as an exercise in interpretation ended with the footballer breaking into tears after remembering one of the most important people in his life.

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“Today is the day your career ends and there are three people you can thank. Find the three reasons why you would thank them. Can you take a look at everything you’ve gotten up early, fought, sweated, suffered or cried? How would you thank him? What would you tell him? “Asked the actress.

At that moment, the Betis captain couldn’t help but break down: “There would be no words of thanks. There is a very important person in my life, who has been my uncle.” For Joaquín, his uncle was “like a father” to him and he speaks with great sadness when remembering that he could not see him succeed in soccer.

“My uncle always had a very special relationship with me and my brothers. At that time, when I wanted to be a footballer, my uncle came to see me play and when I scored a goal, he gave me 1,000 pesetas. Well, he didn’t give it to me, I was saving them. Every time I scored a goal, people said: ‘Another 1000 pesetas for Joaquín’. When I signed for Betis, the one who paid me the expenses was my uncle”, confessed the man from Cádiz.

“The sorrow that I am going to take in life is that he has not been able to see me succeed. I would be grateful to him,” added Joaquín, who also wanted to highlight the support of his parents and his wife, Susana Saborido: “She is the one who straightens my path,” he assured.