The loved ones of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift “fit in seamlessly”: “They’re Really Happy” (Only from Source)

The loved ones of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift “fit in seamlessly”: “They’re Really Happy” (Only from Source)

A source tells PEOPLE that Travis Kelce or his close-knit family would love Taylor Swift. While having fun with Kelce’s parents, Donna and Ed Kelce, as well as his brother, Jason Kelce, the couple gave each other a sweet kiss.

Both Swift and Kelce are 34 years old. On Sunday, Swift joined her boyfriend on the field after the Kansas City Chiefs claimed the AFC Championship match in Baltimore. This made the internet go crazy.

A person who knows the couple well told PEOPLE, “It was the best night ever” and that the “whole family proved so, so excited or riding a high” after Kansas City won the Super Bowl in 2024.

“All night, people were calling them to say congratulations.” “The energy on the field was crazy,” the source says.

The next game Kelce and the Chiefs will play will be against the San Francisco 49ers. They will be trying to win their second straight Super Bowl on February 11 in Las Vegas.

“It’s hard to describe going to Vegas now,” the insider says. “Having his family there, his closest friends and managers, along with, of course, Taylor, celebrating his birthday was very special.”

A source tells PEOPLE that on Sunday, Kelce “felt every single emotion.” “Now he as well as the team are concentrating on the Super Bowl.”

A source says that when the 12-moments Grammy winner hangs out with Kelce as well as his family, “They fail to recognize her as ‘Taylor Swift,’ the superstar.”

“It’s going to be a busy couple of weeks,” the insider said, as the Chiefs get ready for the SEC championship game. But Kelce will have Taylor on his side as he goes through the tough practices.

“That’s clear, right?” “They’re really happy jointly,” the source says. “She’s that to support him as well as cheer him forward, and she’s blended in seamlessly via everyone he loves.”

A lot of pictures of Swift lovingly hugging Donna and Ed went around on social media after the Chiefs’ win on Sunday. Keleigh Teller, an actress, also shared a picture of Swift posing with Donna, Ed, and Travis’s 36-year-old brother Jason Kelce.

It’s taken us six months to carefully figure out Taylor Swift’s sporting style. Swift has made WAG dressing famous, whether she’s wearing a Stella McCartney teddy coat, wearing beloved jewelry, or showing off her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s name on her puffer jacket.

But after all this research, we still don’t know how she keeps her red lip from smudging. It has been through swag surfing, chicken fingers (with “seemingly” ranch dip!), and a few pink drinks. But on Sunday afternoon, she put her skills to the test.

After the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Baltimore Ravens to win the AFC Championship, Swift and Kelce kissed passionately on the field. Again, her red lip color didn’t smudge or move. The lipstick didn’t even show up on his beard, but her lips did.

Swift told Allure in an interview from 2011 (found by Elana Fishman on Page Six) the professional tip she learned to keep her red lip color on all day.

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift had “the best night ever” following the Kansas City Chiefs player who won the American Football League Championship game.

“Makeup artists on shoots taught me some tricks. First, they put on red lipstick, and then use a tissue to wipe it off.

Next, they put powder on top of the tissue and press it with their lips. Then give it another try,” she said at the time. “It turns into a mark that endures much longer.”

Is Swift doing her makeup on the side and making sure her pout never smudges? This woman may have found the key to lip color that lasts forever since she caused an earthquake on tour.

A person close to the couple claimed to People that the the mood was amazing as Kelce celebrated his win with his parents, brother Jason Kelce, and of course, his famous girlfriend Swift.

“It was the most wonderful night ever,” stating that the “whole family was so, thrilled and riding a high.” “All night, people were calling them to say congratulations.” The source went on to say, “The energy on the surface was just crazy.”

“I can’t believe I’m going to Vegas now,” the insider said. “Having his entire family there, all his best pals and managers, as well as course, Taylor, celebrating his birthday together was extremely special.”

In terms of the singer’s relationship with her boyfriend as well as his family, the source said that the two support each other with their work and have a “genuine” relationship.