Report: “League needs to look over” The bird’s name isn’t on the injury log at Denver

Report: “League needs to look over” The bird’s name isn’t on the injury log at Denver

The latest in Shams Charania of FanDuel TV: “[Joel Embiid] didn’t enter the injury report until fifteen minutes beforehand tip off [vs. Denver], and that’s something the league will have to look into.”

A lot of fans were excited for a battle of the Titans when Nikola Jokic or the defending champions, the Denver Nuggets, played Nikola Embiid’s Sixers on the road. That never did happen, though.

At the time of the widely televised ABC game in Colorado, Embiid was not on the team’s official injury report. We thought he’d be getting ready, even though he probably didn’t have all the help he’d need.

On the list were Tyrese Maxey, Tobias Harris, De’Anthony Melton, Robert Covington, and Mo Bamba. All of them were later ruled out in time to prevent any controversy.

Embiid was added to the report because the team didn’t like how he was moving during pregame warmups. They decided to hold him out at game time, only moments before the 5:30 EST game.

When the Philadelphia 76ers went to Denver to play the Denver Nuggets on Saturday, the NBA world missed a great game. People knew that Joel Embiid over Philadelphia as well as Nikola Jokic to Denver would be going head-to-head.

Shortly before tip-off, Embiid was taken out of the game because his left knee hurt. The big guy has been having trouble with his left knee lately, and doctors didn’t like the way he was moving during warm-ups, so he had to be scratched late.

Anyone who watched the first game of the trip, a loss against the Indiana Pacers, could tell that he was having some trouble because he had hurt his knee.

Even more so on the road during a national TV game. The league will probably look into that.

Embiid, on the other hand, was not on the report of injuries. Since there are new rules about player participation, that is probably going to get the league’s attention. The NBA needs its star players to take part in these big games.

When Charania talked about Nuggets boss Michael Malone, he was talking about what Malone said after the game: “The league will probably look into Joel sitting out.”

Coach Nick Nurse did say that the decision not to play Embiid on Saturday was made by the medical staff. This whole time, the goal has been to get him ready for the playoffs.

The Sixers want to win a title, but they can’t get there until their star player is fully healthy. It looks like they will rest him in games like Saturday’s if it means Embiid can make it to the playoffs healthy.

The Philadelphia 76ers will not have Joel Embiid on the court Monday night when they play the Portland Trail Blazers. His left knee hurts.

Since Embiid got hurt, he will miss his second straight game. The first case caused a lot of debate.

The Philadelphia 76ers lost 111–105 to the Denver Nuggets on the road on Saturday, and Nuggets boss Michael Malone was mad that Embiid wasn’t on your team’s injury report.

Embiid was on the list for the game against Portland. At first, the 76ers said he was questionable, but on Monday afternoon, they said he was out for sure. The seven-time All-Star scores 36 points per game, which is the most in the NBA.

Embiid hurt his knee during Thursday’s 134–122 loss on the road to the Indiana Pacers. He scored seventy points in a 133–123 win at home against the Spurs of San Antonio the night before. That was the best game of his career.

There was some controversy surrounding the Nuggets because this was the fourth season in a row that Embiid didn’t play in his only game in Denver.

People in Denver are paying attention to the pattern because Embiid is the current NBA MVP and Nuggets star Nikola Jokic won the award the last two years.

Nick Nurse, the coach of Philadelphia, said there were no plots behind Saturday’s decision. He said that the coaches didn’t like how Embiid looked while warming up before the game.

“He was interested in participating, but the medical staff didn’t think he was healthy enough to play today,” Nurse declared after the game on Saturday. “I feel bad for those fans. “That’s a shame.”

Paul Reed looked a lot like Joel Embiid against Denver. He scored 30 points, which was the highest number of his career, by making 14 of 21 shots.

He also took 13 rebounds, which was one less than his career high. It was his eighth double-double of the season.