Itziar Castro He lost his life in the early hours of this Thursday to Friday at only 46 years old in Lloret de Mar (Girona), where he prepared a synchronized swimming show for Christmas. The reactions to his death fill social networks this Friday, December 8. A little over a week ago, on Wednesday, November 29, the actress Vis a vis, Skins o By H or by B She published a moving letter on her own profile in which she addressed herself.

She did it alongside a photo in which she appears as a child: “Close dear [como así le gustaba que la llamaran], I would tell you so many things. Things like that you keep dreaming, that by dreaming hard and with a lot of effort you achieve your dreams, that once achieved not everything is rosy, on the contrary, that there are hard, sad, lonely moments… There will be insults, blows, stones on the road, but also a lot of love, affection, admiration“.

The letter makes your hair stand on end, especially after the news of his sad death: “[Te diría] what without wanting it you will be a mirror for many(ah yes, there will be more genders than 2, and girls will not have to want to be boys to be able to fly planes or be world champions in soccer), that this will make you feel heavier and a certain vertigo, but the desire to live of many, they will be in part (and they will tell you) thanks to your empathy, sorority, generosity, fight and always putting your body into it, which exhausts and sometimes you will want to go into the cave, but it will be worth it“.

The Catalan, very committed to feminism, LGTBIQ+ rights and the fight against fatphobia, added: “[Te diría] that you will miss more people than you would like, but that others will always be around to support you, like you them, that The chosen family is indestructible and in the moments of 'I can't take it anymore' they will make you laugh, through tears.very melodramatic, everything just the way you like it.”

With his words, Castro gave quite a lesson: “[Te diría] what those who insult and attack you will be your fans(yes, your fans, because as I told you, dreams come true) and they will ask for your forgiveness“And he added: “That the world will evolve so quickly that everything will seem new, that's why you have to have memory and not forget, and not let your guard downso as not to fall into the same mistakes and so as not to lose what has been achieved in freedoms and human rights“.

“What You will be able to love without fear, although some people will and that will break your soul into a thousand pieces.but it will help you create art and beauty.” The actress continued with other heartfelt words: “That there will be moments of pain, emotional and physical, that They will tell you that you are unhealthy, and despite taking care of yourself, some will want you to suffer, because hatred will stalk you., but do you know what the best remedy for it is? “Happiness, self-care, self-love… Even if sometimes you don't know where it is, it is there.”

Itziar, who a week ago went to the funeral chapel of his admired Concha Velasco, ended the letter with a message full of hope: “And if despite all the positive things I tell you you don't have the courage, look at this photo and Remember all that hope you had to achieve those dreams and now, thank yourself. PS: we have to embrace our inner child more.”

The Goya nominee for Best New Actress for Skins She was diagnosed in 2020 with lipedema, a chronic and degenerative disease almost exclusive to women that until 2018 had not been recognized as a pathology by the WHO. According to experts, it is related to female hormonal changes and causes abnormal excess fat from the navel down.

It has also been detected in women who take estrogenic contraceptives or have suffered hormone-dependent tumors, such as breast cancer. It also considerably affects the genetic component. Itziar discovered that she suffered from this disease during confinement, thanks to the comment that a follower left on social networks alerting her after seeing a photograph of her. In this image, the actress appeared naked, emulating Botero's muse. Santiago Segura has regretted on social networks the bullying that the actress suffered on social networks and has recalled that she suffered from this disease.