The last revealing audios that Edwin Arrieta sent before his trip to Thailand with Daniel Sancho

The trickle of information about the case continues daniel sancho. The son of Rodolfo Sancho He has been in provisional detention in the Koh Samui prison since last August 7 after confessing to the murder and dismemberment of the Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta.

The latest statements by the number two of the Thai police this week generated great confusion in Spain. Big Joke claimed that Daniel was in Surat Thani prison and not in Koh Samui prison, as had been thought, a claim that was soon denied by the lawyer for Daniel’s grandson. Sancho Grace and its spokesperson in our country.

Now, the information that sees the light has to do with Arrieta. four a day He has revealed the last audio sent by the surgeon before heading to Thailand. As they say from the program, he sends it to a person around him at 9:00 p.m., Chile time, and he is heard “very upset.”

Who is Edwin Arrieta?  This was the life of the surgeon allegedly murdered by Daniel Sancho

“I was calling you about the medical history, I’m not interested in hiring people who work for you or with you. For God’s sake, I mean, where do you get that from? This crazy bitch has fed me up, in bad time I agreed I am going to operate on that patient…”, Arrieta is heard in that voice message.

As they explain, Arrieta was upset because he had received accusations of malpractice from a patient. “What he was telling us is that Edwin was very angry about these accusations, there are more audios that they did not want to pass on to us, he describes a profile of a person who gets easily angry on this subject that is understandable because they are judging his professionalism,” they assure.

“His environment tells us that he was a very good professional, but these patients have filed complaints and he would not be very happy with the images that were being shared on social networks… We believe that this person is the last person he could have spoken to. He spoke with his family the day before,” they added.