Sara Sálamo denounces serious threats after the defense of Isco Alarcón to Jenni Hermoso

“What is this henpecked guy going to tell you if his wife is someone else who had to be killed and thrown into the river.” This is the message that the actress received this Thursday, a few hours after Isco Alarcon became the first La Liga player to speak out about Luis Rubiales kissing Jenni Hermoso in the World Cup final: “If it was not consented, it was an abuse of power. I send my full support to Jenni”said the Betis man at a press conference.

A few words that echoed Sara Salamo: “We are with you. Not a step back.” And he added: “Luckily it was recorded. If it had not been ‘hysterical’, ‘exaggerated’. We are changing things. A less abusive and egalitarian world is possible.”

However, not all responses to these messages were good. One of the users called Isco Alarcón “henpecked” and made serious threats against the actress, who referred them to the police: “Let’s see when the time comes to track down all the IPs and stop consenting to this type of aggression and threats, even if they are virtual.