The Jets haven’t been to the playoffs in 13 years because they lost badly to the Dolphins. Zach Wilson also got hurt in the game.

The Jets haven’t been to the playoffs in 13 years because they lost badly to the Dolphins. Zach Wilson also got hurt in the game.

If the Jets were thinking about getting Aaron Rodgers back for making a late-season playoff push, they lost all hope on Sunday when he completely sucked against the Dolphins.

The Jets lost badly at Hard Rock Stadium, 30–0. They were outplayed as well as outcoached in every part of the game. Allen Lazard, a wide receiver, said, “I think they had a better game.” “They planned better and worked harder than us.”

The loss took the Jets out of the running for the playoffs. The team hasn’t been to the playoffs in 13 years, making it a teenager. There has never been a playoff run in sports in North America for this long.

There were hopes for the Super Bowl at the start of the season, but now they are 5-9 and the season is just another sad one. For eight years in a row, the team has had a poor record.

“It’s terrible,” Jets coach Robert Saleh said. “From the first campaign of the year until now, it’s been a constant battle.” The Jets haven’t lost since September 26, 2021, when the Denver Broncos beat themselves 26-0.

Vic Fangio, who is now the defensive coordinator for the Dolphins, was the head coach of Denver on that particular day. The last time the Jets lost by this much was October 24, 2021, when the Patriots team beat them 54–13.

“It’s a good old ass whoopin’,” Jets safety D.J. Reed explained. “Just put it this way: sometimes you’re left with your behind whooped.”

Quarterback Zach Wilson had the worst time. He was hit four times out of fifteen drops and left the game with a concussion tardy in the second quarter.

The Jets lost their game against the Miami Dolphins 30-0 at Hard Rock Stadium, making their playoff drought the longest in all four major sports.

For the 13th year in a row, they were mathematically out after which cornerback D.J. Reed called a “good, big ass whooping.”

It was a terrible game, and the Jets lost by a score of 290 to 103. Such a big difference in outcomes led wide receiver Allen Lazard to say, “They outschemed us while we out-efforted us.”

Trevor Siemian took his place. If Wilson isn’t out of the concussion procedure by next Sunday’s game on the Washington Commanders, Siemian will be the Jets’ fourth different starter. Since 1989, the Jets haven’t had four different quarterbacks start the same season.

With a record of 5–9, the Jets officially had their eighth clear losing season, which is the NFL’s longest losing streak at the moment.

It also looks like Rodgers won’t be able to miraculously return for the field after his surgery on September 13.

Rodgers, 40, might be able to play this week if his doctor says it’s okay, but he has said many times that it doesn’t make sense to play even if there weren’t any playoff consequences.

In three hours, the Jets hurt one quarterback and ended another’s hopes of making a return. Robert Saleh, the coach, didn’t want to say anything about Rodgers’ hopes of going again this year. His record is now 16-32.

Before the start of the season, the Jets thought they had a chance to win the Super Bowl. But on the fourth play, Rodgers tore his left Achilles, which shook their world.

Even Rodgers had a chance to come back and save the day, but they couldn’t hold on long enough.

“Our job is to keep winning if us winning would’ve pulled him back, then, yes, [we let him down],” he stated. “But not everyone is thinking about that.” We only want to win in the end.

Everything went wrong from the start. The Jets lost 197 yards to 4 for the first half. It was the fourth play that killed them, just like the case for Rodgers in Week 1.

This time, Wilson was stripped bare deep in his own area, giving the Dolphins a chance to start at the 1-garden line. Soon after, the other team scored a touchdown, which pretty much finished the game for the Jets.