Public money to pay Rocío Carrasco, Terelu Campos and Lydia Lozano: Sálvame invades José Pablo López's RTVE

Oscar Cornejo y Adrian Madrid were known for years as “the Dome”, as they referred to in Save me to the producers of the format, that is, to the bosses of La Fábrica de la Tele, a company owned by Mediaset until weeks ago, when it was produced the divorce that we preview from this digital and that has been completed days ago.

The Factory, in times of Paolo Vasile, That is to say, not so long ago, it was the production company with the highest turnover in Spain but now they do not exist: they lost among other formats Sálvame, Deluxe o Focus and then, before completely annihilating them, they took away Chester, It's All a Lie y Socialitewhich remain on the air but produced by other companies.

Oscar Cornejo y Adrian Madrid They sold the end imposed by Mediaset saying that they were slamming the door on what they called a “toxic relationship” with the audiovisual giant that gave them work and created them, the Berlusconi subsidiary in Spain. The closure of La Fábrica de la Tele advanced by Informalia, does not mean the end of these television geniuses, those naughty Zipi and Zape audiovisuals that created Here is tomato and they gave so many triumphs to their chain. In the Christmas Cup, in front of some journalists, they said that their continuity with Netflix after Every man for himself. But they are used to doing, not that “calderilla streaming”, as Mediaset employees say privately, but many hours. Many. As many as they did before the EREs that they were forced to undertake when they had hundreds of employees on their payroll. And that can only be given in Mediaset, from whom they have just divorced, in Atresmedia, where they do not seem to want to know anything about them; or on RTVE, where they have already shown “their paw” thanks to the fact that José Pablo López, general director of content, seems to appreciate their talent, as he demonstrated in his time at the head of Telemadrid, when he hired them to produce that substitute for Tomato presented by David Valldeperas y Carmen Alcayde and produced by La Fábrica.

RTVE, the ideal refuge

Sector sources point out that the orders that Netflix can ask of Adrián Madrid or Óscar Cornejo would be far from the level of television volume and billing that the parents of La Fábrica de la Tele produced. Once the door of Mediaset España is closed, and the distance they have with Atresmedia is known, RTVE, managed by the left, would be the ideal refuge, in part due to the well-known political connotations that the end of Save me. In the public chain we now see Lydia Lozanoa Terelu Campos and they have signed Rocío Carrasco, which has already appeared in Blood ties and is a contestant BakeOff, the talent of making buns. It is also on TVE Marc Giró, with LateXou, produced, more or less, or sponsored, by Oscar Cornejo. All the faces that salvamize the public chain are impositions of José Pablo López, Without a doubt, Óscar Cornejo's man on the public channel, the same one who hired them when he was in charge at Telemadrid, the same one who had as press chief the person they later hired for that position. His ally. Who would think of signing Rocío Carrasco on the public channel since she is the protagonist of the polarizing docudrama that split the Mediaset audience in two? Who can defend the use of public money to pay Terelu, Lydia Lozano or Rocío Carrasco?

Those 27 chapters with Rocío Carrasco and the “reds and faggots” of Jorge Javier Vazquez They divided the Telecinco audiences so much that Paolo Vasile fell, a new CEO named Alessandro Salem arrived and Mediaset España has still not recovered from the blow, to the delight of its competitors. The implementation of a Code of Ethics contra Save me, and the cancellation of the program (whose officials found out about the news from Informalia) made the relationship between Madrid and Cornejo and who was his partner and client for more than three decades difficult.

'Salvamization' of RTVE

Madrid and Cornejo started 2023 with million-dollar contracts and have become political victims of personalities such as the president of Mediaset España, Borja Prado, whose departure we anticipate as a scoop, and they will begin 2024 without contracts but become close to power, see the camaraderie between Pedro Sánchez and his beloved Jorge Javier Vázquez at the presentation of the President of the Government's new book, Mainland.

This fact could open doors for them at RTVE, which they run with an iron fist. José Pablo López, that, as we said above, he already hired Madrid and Cornejo at the time he directed Telemadrid to make The Strawberry Tree and a kind of white ants baptized as Elephant footprints.

The exception of Marc Giró

The launch of a new production company by Madrid and Cornejo would make it easier for them to be hired by RTVE, whose president Elena Sánchez, who commands no more than his subordinate José Pablo, justified the public corporation signing agreements with newly created companies. “Lacking experience as a producer is not a reason to discard that program. If this were the case, RTVE would be discriminating against all the small production companies that have no previous experience and would only be able to work with the large ones,” he said to justify the hiring of Minute of Bars.

This producer of Santi Villas, who makes the program Late to the favor that Óscar Cornejo did him, which he guaranteed with 600,000 euros to the production company through a patrimonial company, Apples Productions.

This endorsement contributed to some media insinuating that Villas acted as a front businessman so that Madrid and Cornejo could bill for RTVE, but La Fábrica de la Tele pointed out that it did not produce “any program for RTVE nor has it ever presented any project for RTVE. It would not pass either nothing if we did.” The presenter, Marc Giró is, for those who don't care, one of those militant members in favor of Rocío Carrasco in the debates of her docudrama.

Madrid and Cornejo are not far from the closest newspaper to La Moncloa, The country, directed by a former employee of his: the journalist Pepa Bueno presented a stage of Chester to replace Risto Mejide. El País was the newspaper to which they leaked the confirmation of the break announced by Informalia on November 2 between the producers and Mediaset, that is, the closure of La Fábrica de la Tele, from whose ashes new projects will emerge in 2024.