The intrahistory of the wig of the son of Camilo Sesto that has us so worried

In his last public appearance, Camilín Blanes it sounded all the alarms. The son of Camillus Sextus he appeared at the door of his villa in Torrelodones with a wig and making somewhat coarse gestures.

Well, the real story of the wig comes from afar, from the last months of his father’s life. The iconic Camilo sent one of his trusted men to buy him two wigs, and the one that his son now wears is the last one that his mother used in the year of his death.

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who tells us is Cristobal, who was the administrator of the artist, who also expresses his “regret” for the images starring Camilín. “When I saw them I was stunned. That boy has to straighten out his life no matter what,” he warned.

One of the clients of the bar in Torrelodones thinks the same, where the protagonist of this news usually goes to have breakfast many mornings or have coffee some afternoons. His name is Juan and he has known the thirty-year-old for a long time and regrets that “he has surrounded himself with bad people, people who are not trustworthy and who take advantage of him.”

In this sense, Camilín’s mother, Lourdes Ornelas, emphasizes the above: “There are people who enter my son’s house and do him no good.” In fact, he has hung a very significant sign at the entrance to the chalet, which reads: “Entrance is prohibited to certain people who know who they are. This place is not a house of worship, let alone a place of recreation. Refrain from entering or you will be denounced and denounced for intrusion into privacy and trespassing. Do not abuse the nobility of the people who live here.” The situation has reached the extreme that Lourdes has been forbidden by her son to visit him, she does not accept advice and leads a life that is not recommended. The Mexican is desperatepowerless before what is happening and desperate to see that her son is gradually wasting away.