Camilín hits networks without teeth, among garbage and ‘turned’ into a woman: her mother seeks a legal solution to her condition

Increases concern for the son of the remembered Camillus Sextus after the photographs that he has shared on his social networks at dawn this Friday. The images that Camilo Blanes has posted on Instagram are shocking and show demeaning status. In the photos of him, he appears characterized as a woman thanks to a well-known application, smoking, surrounded by garbage in her kitchen and boasts of the deterioration of his teeth. His mother, after making a distress call on television, but without wanting to speak to the rest of the media, seeks legal help to reverse the situation.

The artist has shamelessly boasted of his physical deterioration, publishing a carousel of 15 strangest photographs, which show that he has not slept all night and that he cares little about comments about his health and the desolation of his mother, Lourdes Ornelas, seeing that he has gone into “self-destruct” mode and can’t find a way to help him.

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In some of the images, taken in his kitchen, where jars, various objects accumulate on the counter, and in which we even see a safe, Camilo “turns” into a woman thanks to the FaceApp app, which uses artificial intelligence to transform faces with great realism.

In other photographs and with one of her father’s wigs, which she has not parted with for a week, she smiles shamelessly, showing her teeth, in which pieces are missing and others are broken or show a worrying black color. .

This new self-exposure only corroborates the reasons for the desperate cry for help that his mother, Lourdes Ornelaslaunched in Fiesta. The Mexican assured that the life of her son was “in danger, and the worst thing is that legally I cannot do anything to help him.”

His mother overwhelmed by the situation

Ornelas is looking for a way to help Camilo, so this Thursday he met with his lawyer in the center of Madrid to find out about the possibilities he has of disqualifying his son. The idea would be to get him to enter a center to rehabilitate himself and overcome the alleged addictions that have caused him to fall into a spiral of deterioration and self-destruction that only gets worse with the passing of the days.

Despite the call for help, Lourdes has not wanted to talk about the shocking images that Camilín has shared on her social networks. Her lawyer has been very angry and has tried to prevent the work of the press, which is logically interested in the extreme situation that Camilo Blanes is experiencing.

The lawyer has prevented Ornelas from talking about the situation outside the sets and has threatened to take legal action: “We are going to denounce you for harassment. Leave us alone, please go away! We are going to call the police. This is not news , this is not a television set,” he snapped at the media while the Mexican walked head down at his side and without saying a word.