The inside story of Rubiales’ apologies: Jenni refused to record the forgiveness video with the prez

New details of the Rubiales case and the incomprehensible kiss on the mouth of Jenni Hermoso at the World Cup celebration come to light. This is the inside story of a disastrous episode that has tarnished the epic victory of the champions. The video in which Rubiales publicly apologized and released that famous “surely I was wrong”, and which was shared by the Royal Spanish Football Federation, was not carried out as the president himself would have wanted. Rubiales asked Hermoso to record the video together, but she did not agree. It is published by the sports digital Relief.

During the flight back to Spain, Rubiales tried to convince the player to appear on the recording, perhaps that way the president’s explanation would seem more convincing. The aforementioned portal ensures that Hermoso declined this option. In older, the thing did not end here and the words that are attributed to Jenni downplaying importance and iron to the matter of the kiss turns out that they are not hers.

The Red player spoke of Rubiales’ gesture as “mutual” and “totally spontaneous due to the immense joy” of the victory. “The prez and I have a great relationship and his behavior with all of us has been ten,” Jenni continued. “It was a natural gesture of affection and gratitude,” she finished. Well, according to Relevo, these words have come from the press department of the very federation that Luis presides over.