First permission of Princess Leonor at the Academy of Zaragoza: friends plan at the Tuno bar

princess eleanor entered the General Military Academy of Zaragoza this Thursday, August 17. On her first day of military training, the Royal House provided a total of thirteen images, where we could see the Bourbon lady-cadet proudly wearing the military uniform. This weekend she has enjoyed her first outing. she post it The Herald of Aragon.

Four days after his admission, on Sunday the 20th, the king’s daughter Philip VI I was walking around Zaragoza like just another trick. The Princess of Asturias has already become acquainted with her fellow Academy members. Proof of this, she how integrated she was in El Tuno, one of the most emblematic bars in the university area of ​​Zaragoza.

The princess, who was sitting in the middle of her classmates, took advantage of the fact that she was outside the Academy and wore her blonde hair with a semi-updo. Likewise, to enjoy the university atmosphere that Zaragoza offers, Leonor opted for a dress in pink tones.