Almost two weeks after the serious incidents that occurred before and after the final of the Champions disputed in Saint-Denis between Liverpool y Real Madrid, serious flaws in security and organization continue to be uncovered that caused chaos between fans and police at the entrances to the venue that forced the start of the match to be delayed by 37 minutes. The chaos was multiplied by the hundreds of criminals who assaulted and robbed fans of both teams before and after the final.

In the commission of Senate formed to clarify the events of the night of May 28, it has become known that the images recorded by the stadium’s security cameras have been automatically destroyed.

Erwan Le Prevostdirector of Institutional Affairs of the French Football Federation (FFF), who revealed that the images captured by the surveillance cameras installed that night were automatically destroyed after a week.

“The images are available for seven days. Then they are automatically destroyed. We should have made a request (to the Public Prosecutor’s Office) to dispose of them. For having been on the security PC all day with Didier (Pinteaux, FFF security manager ), the images are extremely violent” found Prov.

According to French law, once that period has elapsed, these images could have been kept if there had been a request from the prosecution. “If the prosecutor does not make a request, the images disappear,” she explained.

This security ‘failure’ unnerved the mayor of the LiverpoolSteve Rotheram, who participated as a witness in the French senate commission. “It’s a shock. This is the first time I’ve heard that the CCTV footage around the stadium has been destroyed. It’s worrying. I really can’t understand why, when this event was so important, and you still need to know what happened. It’s important collect all the evidence. And if it is true that these videos have been destroyed, it shows very clearly that there is a problem, “added the mayor.

David Assouline, a senator from Paris, spoke along the same lines as the English politician. “The images have been destroyed, at the very least, by incompetence. I don’t want to think it’s on purpose. It’s very serious,” he said.

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