The Ibiza 2023 Multisport World Championship achieves a direct economic return of 20 million euros


The recent Ibiza 2023 Multisport World Championship has achieved a direct economic return for the Balearic island of around 20 million euros, a figure “well above the amounts initially invested in the development of this project”, since its approximate budget was of 1.8 million euros.

This has been indicated by the organization of this event through a press release, highlighting the “important economic return for the social fabric of the territory” in “just over 11 times the initial contribution”. “For every euro invested in this event, Ibiza has achieved a return for the island of 11 euros, which places the championship as a vein of profitability these days,” the note specified.

This figure is expected to be updated in the coming days. In the 10 days of the championship, nearly 16,000 people came to Ibiza, either as participants, the public or members of the organization. “It has meant a significant caravan of people that places the tournament as a success in attendance,” the text stressed.

“The championship has also broken milestones of presence in the media, with an advertising return that has reached in its first estimate 3.5 million media through the continuous monitoring that in these 10 days has been produced through the conventional press, digital, television or radio”, the note continued.

The template to celebrate the championship had about 550 people including volunteers (240), auxiliary security personnel (120), water rescue personnel (30), technical officers (50), ‘staff’ from the International Triathlon Federation ( 20) and ‘staff’ of the event (90).

As for participants, just over 4,000 athletes met with this distribution by tests: 1,442 for duathlon, 847 for aquathlon, 258 for cross duathlon, 416 for cross triathlon, 60 for PTO competition, 666 for long distance triathlon and 353 for aquabike.

“Especially applauded has been the constant attention that the World Championship has paid to a sustainable sport, with a careful and recurring strategy that has allowed it to achieve the gold certification of sustainability, the highest possible award in this category granted by World Triathlon “, the note concluded.