Dani Martín declares his love for the influencer Meriloves: “She is more than my girl, she is the most important woman in my life”

After several months without being seen together or making any allusion to the other on their respective social networks, Daniel Martin and the influencer Maria Partidabetter known as Meriloves, not only are they still together, but the singer expressed his love for her in public during an event of the Dial Chain and the brand of Sarah Carbonero e Isabel JimenezSlowlove: “She’s more than my girl. Man… she’s the most important woman in my life,” said Martín resoundingly.

With their reappearance, the artist and the young instagrammer have denied the breakup rumors that had been haunting them since last December, in which it was claimed that Dani and Meriloves had put an end to their relationship after just over a year. year of love True to his discretion in regards to his private life, the singer so far neither confirmed nor denied, so many assumed that he was once again part of the list of golden singles in our country. .

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Together they have reappeared at the event with which Cadena Dial and Slowlove, the online clothing and accessories store of Sara Carbonero and Isabel Jiménez, have combined fashion and music in a fun party on one of the most exclusive terraces in Madrid.

The singer of El canto del loco and Meriloves avoided showing off their happiness in front of the cameras although, between laughs and jokes with the radio presenter Isidro MontalvoDani has not hesitated to declare his love for the influencer, with whom he is still as happy as the first day and whom he confesses that he loves madly despite the fact that their relationship is somewhat “peculiar”: “How am I not going to want, what happens is that it’s a relationship… open. It’s an open relationship, which is what you have now. Why can’t you free yourself, not be… everything?”, explained the singer.

A few meters away, Meriloves herself was watching the scene and heard how the artist stated that he does not want to be called “his girl”: “Dale, she’s not my girl, she’s more than my girl. Man… She is the most important woman in my life. There we are…”, confessed Dani, who recognized with a smile the scope that she knows her beautiful words will have towards the influencer: “What a statement and what I just gave you right now Please put it tomorrow,” he asked sincerely.

Meriloves has a degree in Law and Business Sciences, has more than 107,000 followers on Instagram and is divorced from the Galician footballer Pedro Mosquerafather of her four-year-old daughter.